We are currently waiting out the passage of Tropical Storm Isaac when I decided that I should try a time lapse of the storm’s passing. BRILLIANT right? Not so much. The idea dried up and died rather quickly when I realised that my Camera is not Weatherproofed and the storm turned out to be less dangerous interesting than I thought it would be. I have no idea what weatherproofing entails, other than the obvious indications from the name (basically you keep rain out of your equipment?) So obviously I consult google and get way more information than I need.

What is Weatherproofing?

Exactly what the name implies- preventing damage to your equipment from elements of the weather be it rain, sleet, hail, snow, dust or sand.


How to? 

1.  A CASE

There are waterproof cases available which will keep out almost anything and they are really affordable.

weatherproof housing 1

weatherproof housing 2

2. DIY!!

The real gems of my google search were these ideas from Photoblog  Blog, Instructables and  Petapixel.

Images via Petapixel, Photoblog Blog & Instructables.

There is nothing better than a low $$ DIY. Check out these awesome articles through the links listed above and now you have no excuse to let a little weather get in the way of your shooting 😀



Sunshine State


My move from NYC to MIA is now complete and life is starting to look like my own again!! Still in the process of getting settled but I’m excited to start exploring and shooting a new city. Here are some images I shot during a weekend pitstop in Ft. Lauderdale during the move.

DigitalRev + Chase Jarvis?


This equation is nothing but AWESOME!!

“The best camera is the one that’s with you”

The Chrysler Building from 5th Ave NYC

This photo was taken with my Iphone 4 and edited using the Photoshop Express App. I was trying to recreate a print made for my final project for my Summer Photo class.

This photo was taken with my Canon AE-1 and I made the print in the darkroom. While the pictures are not exactly the same I  think that the feeling is….

I dream of…Steel Reels

Before June 4th 2012 I had never been inside a darkroom. Hell, I didn’t even know my school had a darkroom. I have spent the last eight weeks having one of the most amazing experiences of my life learning darkroom techniques and now I can’t get it out of my system. I CANNOT bring myself to hand my rolls of film over to the 17 year old attendant at Duane Reade and expect my babies to be looked after. These are MY BABIES, conceived in sweat from the sweltering NYC sun, and blood from trying (and failing) to balance on a fence in Central Park to get my composition perfect. No. Having my babies developed at Duane Reade would not do. I have to develop my own film.

Luckily, I had found this awesome post on Shawn Hoke’s Blog way before I was addicted to the smell of developer. I knew I needed chemicals and a dark corner? to load my film and Shawn’s instructions helped me streamline my ideas. I have a trip to B & H Photo Video planned for later this week to pick up a changing bag, fixer, developer and chemical storage bottles. At school we skipped on stop bath and used water,  and used perma wash and photo flo but for now I’m trying Shawn’s method and maybe later I’ll add the other chemicals to the process if I deem them necessary. 


“I hate nothing more than a sugary photograph with tricks, poses,

and effects. So allow me to be honest and tell the truth about

our age and its people.”

 August Sander 


N.A.E.N.L. = No Amor E No Luz

In love & light